What is an Amazon Influencer? (Part II)

Amazon is popular and reliable so its marketing techniques work.

Amazon is a real partner for influencers who don’t want to commit to first buying their own inventory before selling, or to have to sustain their own e-commerce site. If you want a quick refresher, here’s an intro to Amazon marketing services.

Why you have to be working with these influencers

In a recent study, there was evidence that a recommendation from friends continues to be the soundest form of advertising. Folks are eager to take a referral from an influencer they trust or who they like. 

So, the first reason you have to join forces with these people is that leveraging these social media personalities in your marketing strategy lets you increase direct sales.

Usually, influencer marketing is for brand awareness. With Amazon Influencers, though, your products are displayed in front of your target audience and buying is seamless. 

Why Amazon? 

Because time and time again, Amazon has proven itself a popular and effective way to order online. It’s practically guaranteed that your target customers would like to purchase via Amazon than your customer’s website. 

As a matter of fact, a recent survey found that over 88% of 18 to 34-year-olds in America prefer to buy on Amazon over other online retailers. It’s no surprise Amazon is now worth over $380 billion dollars which is more than Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Best Buy put together.

By focusing on Amazon Influencers, you can give your clients specific ROI measures. Since products are bought from a customized URL that the influencer shares, it’s easy to track how many sales are made through each campaign.

They offer you access to niche markets

It doesn’t matter your platform, including pets, fashion, beauty, outdoors, fitness, there’s a lot of Amazon Influencers to pick from and a host of platforms for them to showcase your products.