What is an Amazon Influencer? (Part I)

Amazon influencers’ direct users on social media to Amazon web pages.

An Amazon Influencer is any influencer on social media who directs their followers to a distinct Amazon page where their followers can buy recommended products.

It’s like how Amazon Affiliates function except that they aren’t putting links to their webpage. As a matter of fact, these influencers don’t need a blog or website at all. Instead, influencers are given with their customizable, own site to upload their favorite items to and they endorse this page with their social media accounts.

Mark Cuban is one of the stars participating, but more and more of these influencers are social media celebs and micro-bloggers with a loyal and smaller following.

How does this work?

It begins with an application. Qualifying Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts are reviewed by Amazon. They’re looking for a high number of followers and sure engagement metrics.

A fast peek at some accounts show that usually, these influencers average from 20,000 and 600,000 followers. While the magic formula they seek isn’t public, having a high engagement rate can make up for a small follower count.

If approved, Amazon Influencers then make their storefront (complete with an individual vanity URL) where they share their favorite products. It’s something like having their own Amazon shop, where followers can access advertised products.

There’s lots of incentive for Amazon Influencers as they create a percentage of every sale completed through their page. While commissions favor Amazon’s line of products (with the top being a ten percent payout on their private fashion line), influencers can foresee a steady payout if done correctly. 

Furniture sales reportedly make about eight percent and several items come in at seven percent commission. The range goes as low as one percent. So, Amazon Influencers are very motivated to make convincing referrals, share their page and endorse the products they feature there.