Using Banner Ads on Your Affiliate Marketing Website (Part II)

Keep the Design Direct and Simple

You may want to put in plenty of information on your ads, particularly when they’ll be used offsite. Though, it’s might be better to have your ads concise, direct, and simple.

A simple design eliminates distractions, which will guarantee that your message is clear. Also, this makes your ad appear more trustworthy and professional. Here are a some tips to begin with:

Using little elements. It is suggested that around five elements is enough. You can add them using Affiliate Royale. Try an eye-catching title, text information, a logo, and call-to-action button.

Use a good call to action. You want it to be obvious and prominent, which is why it should be the main thing on your banner ad.

Before putting an element on your ad, ask yourself if it’s necessary. Will it aid in selling the product, or just take up space? If it isn’t useful, it’s better to leave it out.

Select Images That Represent Your Brand

It’s crucial that your branding is consistent, both off or on your website. This means every element in your banner ads must be brand-focused, including any images they have.

By using images that epitomize your brand, you’re showing a consistent business identity. Also, great images make your brand appear put together and credible. The job of picking top images can seem intimidating. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Retain consistency. Use font styles and colors that equal those used in your branding.

Think about your style. For instance, do you use certain types of imagery on your website or show them in a specific way? Use them the same way in your banner ads to further enrich their branding.

In the end, how you use imagery is up to you. But you really should use some visual elements.