Using Affiliate Program Analytics to Optimize Its Performance (Part IV) 


How Analytics Can Help Optimize an Affiliate Program’s Performance

As you probably realize by now, there are many ways to market your affiliate program. There are also numerous ways to activate, recruit, and motivate affiliates, many types of creatives, etc. All of them necessitate some sort of investment (money, time, energy, etc.) but not all of them propel results.

An important part of effectively managing an affiliate program is to detect which choices offer the best results and apply them. Since there are no general rules, the only way to do that is through trial and error or split testing and analytics.

Split Testing and Analytics

Split testing means testing two different solutions to gage which one propels better results. In the context of directing an affiliate marketing program, the solutions tested could be:

Affiliate program landing pages – You can produce two or more landing pages for your program and watch impressions and conversion rates to decide which one produces lower bounce rates and changes more visitors into affiliates.

Affiliate networks listings – Operating your program on many affiliate networks at the same time can be pricey, tiresome, and not really effective. Split testing can help you decide which network is best for your specific program.

Affiliate tracking software – You can select between network-based, in-house, and uniting affiliate tracking solutions. Testing is an effective way to figure out which software and option work best for you.

Affiliate recruitment methods – When it comes to affiliate recruitment, a few methods and platforms deliver better results than others. You should try a number of them or all of them and examine results to detect the best ones for you.

Stay in contact with your affiliates.

Affiliate emails – Affiliate communication is critical to program success. It’s already been established that affiliates like email as a communication channel. Though, there are several ways to write an email to your affiliates. If you don’t know what they would desire, you can test a few templates and watch the responses to them.