Using Affiliate Program Analytics to Optimize Its Performance (Part II) 

Utilize your affiliates. 

Affiliates Activated

Another initial pillar of affiliate marketing program success is affiliate activation. Those affiliates who join your program but do not endorse your services or products are gold mines that you want to use and make productive.

To measure the efficiency of your campaigns, you can follow and analyze the number of new and earlier stagnant affiliates that you’re able to activate over specific time periods.

Eventually, forever remember that the number of recruited affiliates is almost irrelevant until they are active participants in your affiliate program. That is why affiliate activation is as critical as affiliate recruitment.

Affiliate Activity Index

You already understand by now that having many affiliates enrolled in your program is no assurance of success. You need to engage affiliates, to see them vigorously market your products, brand, and/or services. Stagnant affiliates are useless to your program if you don’t successfully activate them.

As you take steps to make that happen, you can examine their effectiveness by looking at the number of active affiliates vs. the complete number of affiliates at various time intervals. If you do your job right, the dissimilarity between the two values will with any luck decrease.

But just having affiliates endorsing your products as services isn’t enough. How they do it and what outcomes they drive matters too. Some of them may just display your links on their websites. Others could refer to traffic that doesn’t convert. Also, you will have affiliates that produce leads and/or sales.

Affiliates active into your program but who see no results regardless of the lack of results is their fault or your own, will at some point stop marketing you. That makes enhancing conversion a shared responsibility for merchants and their affiliates.

Tracing the activity of your affiliates can aid you in detecting conversion problems and solve them, so as to have more active affiliates that push leads and/or sales, not just traffic. Also, it can give the examples you need to encourage and guide affiliates who don’t see results to enhance their performance.