Top New Affiliate Marketing Trends (Part II)


The top trend will be to begin collecting email addresses and advertising offers on the back end.

Lead gen is a good fit for this model considering its evergreen and whitehat by nature.

Invest in Quality Automation since having detailed stats gives you all the necessary and, above all, correct information. Having a tracking system lets you use the data to your advantage.

Most of all, having an automated system will have you working smarter, not harder.

Pay attention to your clients.

Paying attention to clients

Offering great service is based on the relationships you develop over time. Nurturing your relationships and answering to feedback keep your services in check. Developing new trends and producing great features follows from really listening to your advertisers and publishers. This is one trend that won’t go out of style.

Mobile will continue to win the battle against desktop

Even with a few negative tendencies, all marketing professionals think push will be the hottest ad format. With native ad networks getting way stricter in compliance, you could see a mass migration to push advertising. With that being said, pop volumes will probably decline, which should result in an enhancement of their quality.

Despite its problems, it believed that Facebook will stay at the top for affiliate traffic sources.

In the future, one of the biggest trends will be to convert current users via desktop and mobile into customers and new leads.

This can be done with the use of remarketing, by showing cross-promotion ads to these users on whatever platform or device that first triggered the cookie.

The key here is to show quick and simple landing pages via mobile, and more optimized and detailed campaigns via desktop. The aim is to be sure your marketing is working for you on each medium.