Top New Affiliate Marketing Trends (Part I)

Will e-commerce hold the crown? 

2018 was a crazy ride called “Think Fast! Innovate Faster! There were numerous regulations and data privacy policy changes that made the industry evolve.

We all want to know if e-commerce will hold the crown in 2019 or there’s something even better coming. The answer is yes. 

Native Ads and Push Notifications ads are geared to rule in the coming years.


Native advertising has been efficient for affiliate marketers in the past and will stay a vital asset. We should expect some enhancements on the tech side and better opportunities for ad targeting. Native ads let you get to your target audience on many websites and find the users that can’t get to on social media or other types of advertising. But at the same time, moderation will get harder. Only top-quality, unique content for certain audiences will deliver results.


Push notifications are a straightforward format, right for new affiliates with small budgets. Despite the drop in traffic quality and the rise in price, push notification will still be one of the top formats.

It’s really effective for those who have created their own databases and are geared to deliver the most relevant offers and content to their specific audience. It is a very good trending format, but big competition and possible regulation will possibly limit its efficiency in the near future.

Regardless of the case right now is the best time for push ads. You’re better off getting on board this train, than risk missing it.

Offer Verticals

Evergreen verticals such as gambling, dating, sweepstakes, Nutra, and finance are still going to be here. But affiliates must be more creative in building up their funnels. Just be sure you stand out from the rest.

Lead Generation with Email Funnels

It’s getting more and more difficult for affiliates to compete with advertising a single offer since CPC’s are increasing across the board.