Steps Before Going Global with Your Affiliate Program (Part III)


By walking the track before getting into a new market, you’ll be more ready to distinguish its quirks and address any marketing challenges, nuances, and cultural intricacies that develop.

Choose who you work with carefully.

Pick Your Partners Carefully

The energizing adventure of increasing your affiliate program abroad can become a nightmare if you unite yourself with the wrong partners. Global expansion is a huge move with numerous steps involved. This is why you need to be discerning about who you select to take the adventure with.

Just because a network or an agency says it has coverage in a particular area doesn’t mean they are the top choice. No single platform or network is a world leader in each market. They might be #1 in one market and #15 in another.

We’ve also heard of companies providing a “one-stop-shopping” experience to brands for their international expansion initiatives. While this might make the process sound simple it’s far from the best. For instance, an agency may be adept at affiliate marketing on their home base, but not in other areas.

Also, a big digital marketing agency might have a global footprint but be short of affiliate marketing expertise or experience. To make it appear as if they do, they’ll typically rapidly throw together an account team by bringing folks over from other channels, like display or paid search, who aren’t skilled in affiliate marketing.

In some instances, a perfect solution may be to work with a single agency that aligns with local partners in the country you’re wanting to expand into. If so, that agency partner must possess the know-how and resources to work as your global point person, making sure you work with the best agencies, platforms, and networks for your company in every region.

When you pick the best partners in every region, you’ll have a way better chance of seeing your affiliate program thrive and sales grow.