Steps Before Going Global with Your Affiliate Program (Part II)


How strong is your brand recognition?

If you have some brand awareness in a market but it’s not very convincing as well as an abundance of top-quality publishers in your sight, then your affiliate program can help expand your brand recognition in the region. Though, if there’s little to no brand recognition, your affiliate program will be way slower to begin and it might be hard to get publishers to capitalize in your program.

Get to know your audience.

What are the best practices and unique customs in the region? 

Audiences vary by country and can be made up of different sub-cultures. Be sure that someone on your team is acquainted with the best practices and local customs. Or, partner with a local agency. Businesses that fail to deal with cultural differences usually face resistant, skeptical customers and might have a difficult time winning over specific publishers.

Are there top-quality affiliate partners in the area? 

These partners have to know both the affiliate industry and your particular vertical in order to give insight into how your brand will reverberate with the customer base in the area you’re looking to grow into. And since every country has its own laws on affiliate marketing, disclosures and taxation, these partners have to be able to help you navigate various legal challenges. Without these partners, your program will probably struggle in that new market.

How are the technology and service resources structured? 

In the U.S. and Canada, networks typically charge additional fees for program management. Big marketing agencies usually aren’t very experienced in terms of affiliate marketing plans or best practices. By contrast, in Europe, networks usually include program management services in tandem with technology services.

Also, big European marketing and advertising agencies typically have well-developed affiliate management expertise and practices. These regional differences can result in a unclear assortment of technology and service choices that have many levels of sophistication and costs.