Steps Before Going Global with Your Affiliate Program (Part I) 

Take your affiliate program global. 

Many e-commerce businesses are embarking on such an escapade by taking their affiliate programs worldwide. In their native setting, their affiliate marketing program has proven to be an agile and lucrative vehicle for propelling revenue.

So, as they develop other aspects of their company into global, new markets, it makes all the logic in the world that they’d want to incorporate their affiliate program in the expedition.

While technology has made it simpler than ever to manage and operate a global e-commerce company, technology alone is not adequate to ensure the success of a global affiliate program. Truthfully, businesses might find that enlarging their affiliate program globally is anything but straightforward and simple. Customary pitfalls for expanding your affiliate program internationally include:

  • Agency and network differences
  • Difficulties in establishing brand awareness
  • Varying compliance standards
  • Discovering, recruiting and handling local affiliates
  • Language barriers with both partners and publishers

Luckily, by taking two vital steps, several of these pitfalls can be prevented.

Walk the Track

In auto racing, numerous teams practically walk and chart the roads that will be maneuvered on race day. Before rubber hits the road, walk the track, getting a gist of the landscape and recounting what’s found has become as vital as safety helmets and spark plugs.

In the context of the world expansion of your affiliate program, walking the track should include in-depth market research. Here are some significant questions to ask yourself and your team before going into a new market:

Is there a desire for our service or product in the X market? If you’re looking to get into an area where folks either rarely buy products online or wouldn’t have a serious interest in your products, then even the most well-operated affiliate program is doubtful to succeed.