Setting a Realistic Social Media Ad Budget (Part III)

What’s your budget?

Creativity Impacting the Cost of Social Ad Spend

While it takes more money, time, and energy to add creativity to marketing on social media channels, several companies find these labors are worth the investment in the long run.

Usually, engaging and creative advertising efforts connect with audiences better, acquire organic momentum, and are more likely to get shares, comments, and likes.

Try to affiliate your content with the type of content folks have come to anticipate from that specific social media channel.

Avoid relentless selling with newspaper-style purchase ads. Ask yourself, is this something you would like to have in your own news feed?

Creativity Pays Off

Over time, social media channels, like YouTube, are likely to pick up on which advertisers create quality content and which advertisers can’t cut it.

While most of the social networks want to produce money, most decline to do so at the price of user enjoyment. High-quality, create content in advertising efforts on social media is a win-win for all.

Facebook, for example, will even assist an ad in doing better at auction if folks appear to be liking the content. Pleasure is basically measured by shares and likes.

Ad Spend Is Only Part of the Cost

When breaking down the complete cost of social advertising, try to ponder holistically about what’s truly involved. Even if you’re managing the work in-house, people have to use time tracking the results, placing the ads, coming up with a strategy, designing ads, writing the copy, and managing the whole process.

Here is an estimate of how much to budget for every one of the many activities involved in social media advertising:

  • Project Management 5%
  • Ad Spend 40%
  • Strategy 10%
  • Copywriting 10%
  • Tracking Results 5%
  • Design, Graphics, Videography, Visuals 30%

As you decide how much is being spent at every stage, don’t let the peripheral activities gobble up the ad spend part of the budget. Most small businesses aren’t going to hit a substantial number of users, particularly on platforms like Facebook, without coming up with some money.