Scenarios When to Consider an Affiliate Management Company (Part II)

Consider these things before you choose an affiliate marketing management company.


This scenario is the opposite of the last, but still, a really good reason to consider an affiliate management agency. Maybe your affiliate program is going well but you need an individual to keep an eye on the day-to-day management.

Some agencies have maintenance packages for this and you can rest assured knowing that new applications are being vetted and consistent communication is taking place between your affiliates and your company. This is also a great choice if you find that you get a good number of incoming questions about your affiliate program. It would also be the agency’s task to field these messages and to give support.


In this scenario, your affiliate program is doing good, but activity has died and you feel it has bigger potential. This is a good indicator to think about hiring an OPM to see if they can bring life to your program and find some new partners that will help the program thrive.

Agencies are very familiar with aggressive affiliate recruitment campaigns and usually possess several tools to help them tackle this at a greater efficiency than you could on your own. This brings up our next indicator.


Stagnation is one reason to increase recruiting, but the fact is that an affiliate manager must always include affiliate recruitment as part of their daily management of their affiliate program(s). If you don’t believe you’re dedicating enough time to vigorously recruiting for your affiliate program, that’s a good indicator to work with an affiliate management company.

Many OPMs have packages that just include affiliate recruitment. This is a good choice for an advertiser who already has a team or in-house manager but doesn’t have the time or energy dedicated to recruitment.


Many vendors find that they just can’t do everything themselves, and it’s difficult to find and hire good team members. When it comes to affiliate program management, there are plenty of pieces that can be outsourced to an agency because of bandwidth. A well-known one is affiliate recruitment.

OPMs can help and they’re happy to partner with you and create something that is custom-made to your program and business’s needs.