Scenarios When to Consider an Affiliate Management Company (Part I)


When moving through the e-commerce world, it’s always nice to have professionals in your corner. In this article, the discussion will be when is the time is right to begin to consider an affiliate management company.

As an e-commerce company owner, you might want to really consider turning to an affiliate management company.


The first scenario is an affiliate program’s launch. This is the stage where you don’t yet have an affiliate program in place, but you feel that your online business is ready to create an affiliate program to keep growing. This is a good time to speak with an affiliate management company.

Affiliate management companies, also called OPMs and affiliate management agencies, initiate programs for merchants all the time. They’ve been through the procedure many times and frequently have current relationships in place with affiliate networks that could be a possible discount for you. If you’re about to launch an affiliate program, before diving in yourself, really reach out to some OPMs and see what they can give you and how they can help.

Initial Growth

You may need an affiliate manager to help your program grow.

Another scenario when it might be time to get the help of an OPM is when you have just launched your affiliate program, but you need someone to get it to take off. When a program is first launched, it’s vital to have an affiliate manager who examines applications and talks with your new affiliate base.

This doesn’t even include active outreach and the enlistment of affiliates into the program. You’ll want a dedicated team member handling these tasks and remaining organized with follow-ups to be sure your banners and links are being placed by affiliates and you start seeing some traffic coming in from your affiliate partners.

Over the first couple of weeks, you should begin to see some affiliates get active and drive some sales. Then, over the next couple of months, your program should begin to pick up and grow.