Key Affiliate Marketing Trends (Part II)

Transparency is on the move

In recent years, many high-profile brands like the Kardashians and Warner Brothers, have come under fire for failing to reveal paid advertisements. Along with this improved focus from the FTC comes the new regulations, making sure affiliate marketers will be more aware of transparency and compliance than ever before.

If you are interested in what the latest key affiliate marketing trends are, read on.

All revolves around the customer

It’s nothing new that the industry is going forward with mobile as there was over 50% increase in mobile purchases last year. The true focus currently is how to link mobile with the remainder of the customer’s journey, so advertisers can better know their consumers and re-engage, if necessary. There’s nothing worse than wasting re-targeting struggles.

Enhance reporting is going to uplevel everyone

Along with better measurement among devices comes better reporting. Publishers are requiring admission to real-time data and many partners (like Amazon) are beginning to heed their wishes.

Affiliate marketers are leveraging topnotch technology

Instead of constructing from the bottom up, many networks are leveraging technology that exists already then building on top of it to tailor their systems. This happens all the time with HasOffers. For instance, Kiip, a mobile advertising network with well-known clients like Coke, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Pepsi, BMW, and Wrigley, chose to build on top of HasOffers instead of beginning from scratch. They determined after talking with the HasOffers team, it was crystal clear that they could depend on what was already there and let their engineers focus on creating something special and unique that was truly theirs.

Affiliate marketing is still prospering. It can be expect that from now on, every year will be complete with changes as the whole industry grow more intelligent, more strategic, and most importantly, unites when it comes to transparency.