How to Use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing (Part II)

Find a Solo ad Vendor

Unlike years ago when you put your ads in the newspaper, today there are a variety of ways to advertise your products or services.

This is a serious task.

Finding an honest, affordable, top-quality, affordable solo ad seller isn’t easy. There are solo ad seller directories such as Solo Ad Directory and Solo Ads X. However, these like numerous others, have a limited number of solo ad sellers.

If you don’t get a good solo ad vendor in directories, use search engines.

Use your main keyword + solo ad vendor to discover solo ad sellers in your niche. For instance, for weight loss niche, use:

  • Weight loss solo ad sellers
  • Weight loss solo ad vendors
  • Weight loss solo ads
  • Buy weight loss solo ads

Try various keyword alternatives

Besides, you can contact website owners and bloggers directly. Find relevant blogs in your niche and see how they’re doing. The blogs with a solid number of comments and followers on social networks can aid you. Send them an email and ask if they would do a solo ad.

Pitch your idea and see how it goes

If nothing else works, try Safe Swaps and other solo ad marketplaces in which sellers and buyers interact. These marketplaces are great to deal with since the odds of getting scammed are little.

Review Solo Ad Seller

You will be dealing with the solo ad sellers directly. In most instances, it is critical to ensure you are spending your money in the correct place.

There are solo ad vendors who will deliver fake clicks and there are others who will send low-quality clicks. The only way to make sure you are getting clicks from the best in the game is to read reviews about the sellers.

In most instances, you will find reviews.

Before you decide to buy a solo ad from a seller, here is one thing you have to do:

Join the email list of the seller. This is imperative.