How to Use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing (Part I) 

You can use solo ads to endorse affiliate products. There are plenty of affiliates who use solo ads. It is a very profitable business model.

Before going ahead, let’s see what a solo ad is and how it is vital to the industry.

Use your email to advertise.

By definition, a solo ad is a sort of email advertisement in which your email is sent to a list by the list owner for a price. Your email with your links and message is given to the email list that is not owned by you. The traffic you get in return is highly targeted.

For instance, you are endorsing an affiliate product in the weight loss sector and you reach out to a blogger who has a huge list in the weight loss niche. She agrees to give your email to his list for a fixed price per click. Your email will be given to folks who are really interested in weight loss products.

This is what makes solo ads so profitable and popular.

Here’s how solo ads for affiliate marketing work.

Pick a Niche and a Relevant Affiliate Product

Let’s first pick a niche based on your hobby and interest.

Then, pick a relevant affiliate product that you can promote. This has to be an item with upsells and the actual cost of the product should be fairly low.

The goal is to make folks buy a low-cost affiliate product and then later persuade them to upgrade and buy the upsell which has a high price.

Since you will be pitching the affiliate product to folks who don’t know you, it won’t ever be easy to sell a high-priced affiliate product to them. Cheap products work best.

Also, make sure that there’s not an option form on the sales page.