How to Get Affiliate Management Experts to Manage Your Program Without Overpaying (Part II)


Shopping Around

Another way to be sure you’re not overpaying is to shop around your offer. There isn’t just one affiliate management expert out there. Do some investigating and reach out to a number of them. Get a notion of how much they want to completely manage your affiliate program. This will give you a good idea of base cost.

When shopping around, ask questions like what tools they utilize and what makes them stand out. There are plenty of great tools out there to help affiliate managers be more effective. Ideally, the affiliate management specialist that you hire will possess all vital tools they might need.

Utilizing Contracts

When hiring an affiliate management expert (be it an agency, a company, or a stand-alone affiliate manager), there are several different ways to organize their contract. A great way to get a great deal and not overpay is to consent to a longer-term contract, from six months to a year. It’s really possible the affiliate manager will be more accepting of a lower rate in exchange for this piece of stability.

Aside from cost, a longer contract is also be good for the merchant since it gives the affiliate manager a more practical amount of time to truly put their stamp on your affiliate program. If you’re beginning a new program, it’s sensible that there may not be any sales for the first couple of weeks. Having a longer contract in place will offer a clearer picture on the real potential of your brand’s affiliate program.

To review, the best way to have an affiliate management professional handle your program without paying too much is to be sure to negotiate the way they are paid and try to push for a bigger bonus, use contracts and to shop around and be sure you have numerous offers.