How to Create a Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages. If you’re feeling lost in a web of marketing jargon, here’s information to save you and to set the record straight. A squeeze page is a sort of landing page that is focused on squeezing an email address (or name) out of a website visitor.

Landing pages are single webpages that are primarily focused on one goal called conversion. This objective could be any number of various actions including download an eBook, sign up for a free trial, register for a webinar, and more.

Squeeze pages are a little different. They have one aim: collect a name and email address. That’s all.

All squeeze pages are landing pages, though all landing pages are squeeze pages.

Steps to create a squeeze page

You have to have a domain and web hosting to create a squeeze page. If you have a website or blog, you can use the same for creating a squeeze page. Get information and buy a domain name and hosting so that you can go ahead and create a squeeze page.

You need to buy an email marketing service from a dependable company.

Buy a squeeze page builder so you can create a squeeze page quickly. Instapage allows you to build any type of marketing page including a squeeze page with its easy-to-use builder. You don’t have to do any designing or coding.

Ebooks can be useful in selling your affiliate product. 

Create a freebie. This freebie will be used to get email addresses. You can write a report or an e-book that presells the affiliate product and at the same time, it should be very valuable. For instance, if you are endorsing a stuffed toy, you can write an e-book on “Five things that will extend the life of stuffed toys.” Embed the e-book with your affiliate links and make it interesting.

You can hire a freelancer, you can write it from scratch, or you can use a PLR e-book. The choice is yours.