How to Be an Affiliate Marketer Without a Website (Part I)

No website? No problem.

Can you be an affiliate without a website? If yes, how can website-less affiliate marketing be done?

This popular question is answered in this article. You will not only get the answer to this fundamental question, but also plenty of examples to get your creative juices going.

One of the most common asked questions about our industry is if one can do affiliate marketing without a website.

The answer is Yes!

The Explanation

While you might be thinking if it’s possible to be an affiliate marketer without a website, you need to consider two vital things before you get into the specific scenarios of how you can be one.

First, since many affiliate program managers will need to see an online place that tells how you will market their company, having at least a one-page website is typically better than having none.

Second, before you spend your money, time, and effort on marketing a product, brand, or service, always examine the respective affiliate program’s policies and rules. Better find out that something is forbidden before you’ve invested your money and energy in unwanted activity.

Email Marketing

Regardless if you have a small “friends and family” list of email addresses or have a full-blown opt-in email list of a targeted audience, email marketing can be effective when united with affiliate marketing.

Example: each Q4 right at the start of it, my son’s school sends out an email to all parents, urging us to shop for gifts at a couple of online stores. They are being transparent by saying that a part of every order will go into the school’s account and used for enhancing our kids’ school experience. They don’t do the same through their website but are a dynamic email affiliate.