How Loyalty Programs Are Emerging as Effective Marketing Tools (Part I)

Loyalty and trust have always been a part of any human interaction, any transaction for years. All over the globe, folks have close-knit relationships with not just friends and family, but with the familiar faces of friendly vendors and merchants.

Presently, we live in a world where we have unlimited options. There are a limitless set of choices when you’re searching for a gift to buy, some good food to eat, or a great new coffee shop to hang out in. This is great, but it can also be overwhelming.  It’s difficult for consumers to decide what to buy, and it’s hard for merchants to remain relevant when they have all those competitors.

A huge part of how this hardship gets addressed is by word-of-mouth. People listen to the opinions of their trusted peers, friends, or review sites. Another huge part of it is customer loyalty. Once you’ve discovered something that works, it’s good to be able to depend on it. And if there’s a solid incentive to return, great!

Loyalty Programs Persuade Happy Customers to Return

Customers who are happy with your products or services will tell other people and generate you more business.

All sorts of industries, from small nail salons to large airlines, use loyalty programs to give customers that extra incentive to come back for more. Customer loyalty programs are great ways for merchants to persuade happy customers to return.

As mobile becomes ubiquitous, tools such as CandyBar let merchants run excellent loyalty programs without having to print paper punch cards or download an app on their devices. These customer loyalty tools provide small merchants an enterprise-grade edge that would’ve been beyond their grasp a couple of years ago.

Gives Pride to Customers who Identify with the Brand

Loyalty programs create an emotional connection between the company and the customer, thus guaranteeing continuous engagement to create brand loyalty. Retaining and building customer loyalty is a tricky problem in this age of fast-moving information and access to many choices. A good loyalty program ensures that a customer identifies herself/himself with the value the brand stands for.