How Brands Can Use Affiliate Marketing to Increase Their Marketing ROI (Part II)

A Scalable Network or Platform

Regardless if it’s a SaaS platform or an affiliate network, all affiliate marketing programs require a technology platform to work on. Your platform must be able to support your development plans and give you the right geographical coverage and features, particularly if you have a global brand.

Be sure you’re completely looking at the agency’s setup, making sure it’s based on performance. It’s easy to fall for the mistake of working with a business that says it will produce sales. Be sure it puts its money where its mouth is. If it doesn’t give you good results in the short term, it may not be able to fulfill long-term expectations.

Loyalty Partners

If you want to scale your program rapidly, you’ll want to partner with players who are all into establishing loyal customers. Ebates is one of the largest players in the loyalty sector working on a performance basis. The brand is expanding its markets and its categories beyond retail to include dining, travel, and ride-sharing for cash-back rewards.

It’s vital to decide whether these sorts of partners will really create loyalty or lure the wrong types of folks. If you choose the right loyalty partner, it can result in a loyal and strong customer base that’s vital to long-term survival.

Mobile Partners

With people increasingly using a mobile device for their internet needs, it’s important to work with an agency that specializes in these types of promotions.

Customers are spending time on apps and mobile devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to have partners within your affiliate program who rule the mobile ecosystem.

Ibotta is one of these apps in the U.S., linking consumers with retail, grocery and lifestyle brands and giving them cash for buying things they need. With plenty of mobile user growth, it’s great to look at partners who have created a mobile user experience that makes things simple and accessible for the customer.