Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

If you aren’t using into the power of Facebook videos, you are missing huge payouts. But here’s the 64,000.00 dollar question: how do you make videos that don’t bite? Here are some ways you can turn up your videos ads to get huge growth in your business.

Be Interesting ASAP

You have about less than a second to get someone’s attention on Facebook.

If you can’t get someone immediately, they’ll be moving on quicker than boys on Tinder when you tell them you’re a princess. People are A.D.D. and you’re going against zillions distractions on the web.

Think of the beginning of a video as if it’s the top part of a landing page. If your headline doesn’t grab attention, they’re not seeing the rest. Likewise with a video. Don’t forget, with video ads you are pursuing a very particular group of people. Talk to that group in a way that will have them coming back for more.

Use captivating visuals

Don’t forget, videos begin with the sound off. Unless you give folks a reason to click, the sound will stay off and folks will have no concept of what you’re saying unless they want to read lips.

How else will you target folks who are surfing Facebook? Using gripping visuals, right at the beginning of your video, is a good way to retain people’s attention. The best visuals typically give some type of preview of what’s to come or even encourage folks to turn on the sound.

Create an exciting thumbnail

When you put a video on Facebook, Facebook creates a thumbnail and these thumbnails are horrible.

Instead of having an auto-generated thumbnail, make your own, more interesting thumbnail. Like the visuals in your video, the thumbnail should be clear and appealing, giving folks motivation to click on your video.