Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Ruin Your Affiliate Commission (Part II

Doing Too Much All at Once

Trying to do too much at one time will have you dropping the ball on your affiliate marketing game.

This is one of the most crucial affiliate marketing mistakes which is so typical with beginner affiliate marketers.

When you do too much at a single time, you create issues for yourself that aren’t easy to manage.

For instance, signing up with many affiliate networks, endorsing affiliate products in various niches, endorsing many affiliate products in the same niche, using many marketing methods.

If you keep on changing trains, you will get nowhere even if you spend your whole life traveling.

Trying to do too much with affiliate marketing at an initial stage is a mistake that has to be sidestepped.

The rule is easy: stick to one thing at a time.

Regardless if it’s affiliate network, blog, product, niche, marketing technique, social networks or anything else.

The idea is to remain focused.

Not Promoting Your Affiliate Blog

There is a general misconception among affiliate marketers and bloggers that publishing fresh and new content on their blog will bring traffic and result in higher search engine rankings.

This is not how it goes.

Regardless of how top-quality blog posts you are putting on your affiliate blog, if you’re not promoting your blog, you will never have any traffic.

You have to tell folks about your blog. You have to get in touch with fellow bloggers. You have to reach your target audience. You must market your blog.

Thousands of new blog posts are distributed every single day. What are you doing special to stand out from the crowd?

If your answer is nothing. Rethink and come up with a marketing campaign.

The competition is fierce. You have to do two things to stand out from the crowd.

First, publish amazing, original, and valuable content.

Second, get your content to your target audience. Find them and let them know about your blog.