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Best Dog Products that Dog Bloggers Can Promote (Part III)

For the love of dogs, inform your readers about all the benefits of giving their dog supplements they need.

Dog Supplements (Commission Based)

That’s how incredible these furry friends are to us and the least we can do is provide them with the best. For the love of dogs, provide them with the best with Projoint 3-in-1 Joint Supplement from Nutri-Q USA.

Produced with 100% natural ingredients, it boosts immunity, sustains healthy joints, and supports a healthy brain and heart.

How about increasing your income with extra money from each sale that you bring to Nutri-Q? You first have to be part of their affiliate marketing team.

Tear Stain Remover (Commission Based)

One can never love their furry friend way too much. Things like tears on your pet’s face make you feel bad.

Thankfully, you can enhance your dog grooming game with Always Bright Eyes. This 100% natural tear stain remover will lighten and clear tear stains on light coated breeds. It has no harmful chemicals and is easy and safe to use.

Here’s a very unique product but those are the ones that always get the most interest. So why are you waiting? Sign up now to be an affiliate and make a commission each time you invite a sale.

Friendly Dog Collars (Commission Based)

So, you’re walking your dog around the park. Then a stranger comes up to your dog to pet it. And your doggie goes crazy before you can even state to the said stranger otherwise, making a scene.

To stop all the dog drama, Friendly Dog Collars have made something very smart. Color-coded harnesses with temperament awareness prints. Nervous, friendly, no dogs, caution, training and “do not pet” are some of the helpful harnesses and collars you’ll get. 

This is a good product to conclude this list of best dog products. If you’re interested in creating leads via your blogs or on your social feeds, then sign up as an affiliate and you can begin earning commissions for each lead that gets a sale.


Best Dog Products that Dog Bloggers Can Promote (Part II)


Eco-Friendly Poop Bags (Commission Based)

Plastic is one of the highest generate waste in the U.S. Typical pet waste bags are made of plastic. And yes, shame on you if you’re one of those contributing to plastic waste.

Make it right today and begin using eco-friendly bags from PoopBags. They are either made from recycled material, plants or USDA Certified Biobased material. These poop bags are decomposable and friendly to the earth.

Register now to be an affiliate of PoopBags. You can begin earning a commission each time you manage to introduce a sale.

Doggie Water for (Commission Based)

We’ve all had sluggish days as well as days when your body doesn’t feel its best. So, what do you do? Get yourself some supplements and vitamins then you feel as fit as a fiddle again.

Now, what about your doggie? Your dog has those days as well. 

But she or he can’t really say to you “hey, I don’t feel like woofing about today – do something or go away.” Save your dog from bad days and get DoggieWater which is filled with electrolytes and vitamins best made to keep your dog hydrated and happy.

Available in flavored or plain easy to carry packs, you can get a 4-pack too.

If you’re hungry for making more cash, then you must become an affiliate of DoggieWater so you can get commissions by marketing these products.

Give your blog reader’s pets a touch of class.

Designer Dog Wear (Commission Based)

You know, looking fabulous is not just for humans. As a matter of fact, some pests have to keep up appearances as well. Think about the black-tie events that call for your furry loved one to be on point and there’s always that grand stroll in the park that necessitates a touch of class.

Understand what I mean? Designer Dog Wears, love.

Best Dog Products that Dog Bloggers Can Promote (Part I)


If you have a soft spot for puppies and doggies, then this article about pet-related affiliate programs is the one for you. Many of you happen to be dog bloggers, dog lovers, and even Instagram dog influencers. So, it is only fitting to make a special guide all about dogs, just for you the dog-loving individuals. Without further delay, below are the best dog products that dog bloggers can promote:

Honey is good for dogs

Raw Honey for Dogs (Commission Based)

Do you realize that dogs can get the same benefits from honey as human beings? Honey will really calm your dog’s digestive system, giving it a natural energy boost, enhancing its immune system and more. So, why don’t you give your doggie doses of honey goodness from K9 Honey?

Created from raw honey, this all-natural product is a food topper and tasty treat for your pet.  So, make your furry loved one healthy and happy with K9 Honey.

This top dog product can earn affiliates a commission of about 10% on sales. 

Dog Vehicle Step (Commission Based)

If you frequently travel with your dog in your car, SUV, RV, or any other type of vehicle, you need an Otto Step. This step adapter device connects to your vehicle and offers your dog an extra step to assist in climbing out and into your car easier. Also, it helps stop injuries created by jumping out of trucks and high SUVs.

So, if you care and love for your pet, you’ll want to have the right measures in place to keep it healthy, safe, and happy.

This is a very popular product for dog owners who travel and ride often with their friendly furry companions. Get a substantial 30% commission just for endorsing the Otto Step as an affiliate marketer.

Instagram influences almost 75% of user purchase decisions

As social media continues to influence consumer shopping behaviors, Instagram is no exception. Of over 1, 500 Instagram users surveyed, a huge majority reported following accounts that are fashion, lifestyle-focused, or style while over 60% consider themselves a fashion-forward person.

The report also noted the effect that Instagram has on purchase decisions, with over 70% saying they have made fashion, beauty or style-related goods after seeing something on Instagram, with the most-purchased categories being makeup, shoes, jewelry, and clothing.

According to research, the generational breakdown of Instagram users is made up of: over 80% of millennials, 80% of Gen Xers and 60% of baby boomers, while the percentage of those who made purchase based on Instagram followed a similar pattern: over 73%, 60% and 50% respectively.


As consumers become more digital-savvy and social media-driven, platforms that can be used to get to the younger generations are regularly under examination.

Although this study surveyed exclusively Instagram users, which no doubt influenced the results,   the report found that of those interviewed, half said Instagram was the social media platform that most influenced their shopping habits, followed by Facebook (25%), Pinterest (24%), Twitter (5%) and Snapchat (2%).

Snapchat held its ground much better in a study which found that over 20% of millennials were influenced by the platform while making buying decisions, along with 11% of millennials. Instagram, though, was also highly popular with millennials in that study (over 40% said they were influenced by it while making buying decisions).

Despite the large impact that Instagram has on shoppers, one in three of those surveyed had used Instagram inside a retail store to help with their buy8ing decisions — the platform’s “Shop Now” feature, which lets users shop products straight from their feed, stay very unpopular. Over 17% of respondents said they use it.

Affiliate Program That Pay Big Money

So, you believe you’ve got what it takes to make it as an affiliate marketer?

How do you not fine yourself from being among the large number of marketers that hardly make a dime?

When I first began blogging, I spent weeks putting my soul and heart into my content praying things would take off.

But I was unsuccessful.


Because I was endorsing products that I didn’t relate to on any level.

I’d judge a product totally on how much commission I could make per sale.

This made it very hard to write compelling content. If didn’t believe what I was saying, how would anybody else?

Folks fail at affiliate marketing for several reasons, whether it is promoting bad products to not enough focus and consistency.

But one thing divides the superbad affiliates of this world from the rest.

No, they don’t have a mysterious recipe for success. They have a confirmed affiliate marketing strategy that works.

Looking at the successful affiliates, we can see what works and reverse-engineer their strategies.

Successful affiliate marketers don’t waste precious time dipping and dabbling. They keep deep focus and remain constant over a long period of time.

When it comes to marketing strategy for the best of the best, finding the true affiliate program that has a good commission structure.

Elite level marketers don’t waste time endorsing products that make $20 commissions.

Instead, they link themselves with top paying affiliate programs.

These affiliate marketing programs provide products that bring in big commissions. And they’re the bread and butter for today’s super affiliates.

Of course, the affiliate programs alone don’t make wealth for these affiliate marketing giants.

They create content that offers lots of value, creating a difference in folk’s lives. They launch mighty brands that tell their message to the world. And in most cases, they’re very incredible folks.

Popular Affiliate Programs for Small and Medium Blogs

Affiliate marketing is a stress-free way for bloggers and website owners to get some money. In fact, these days, even social media sites can become profitable platforms for affiliate marketing campaigns.

Because affiliate marketing doesn’t need affiliates to provide their own products for purchase, but only to put promotions on their sites for other merchants’ products, it frees affiliates from many of the responsibilities and complications of usual sales.

Every affiliate programs are not created equal. Here are a few of the top ones.


LinkShare has the #1 spot of top affiliate networks for support quality, international capabilities, and platform strengths.

LinkShare provides over 2,000 affiliate programs and lets you pick whether to have all aspects of your affiliate channel handled for you or if you would rather handle your own program using the company’s many support and service choices.

Commission Junction

Thought to be the biggest affiliate marketing network in the US and Canada, it is famous for knowing how to balance a good relationship between the network, the affiliates, and the merchant. Commission Junction provides media, tracking, and affiliate services and offers either a company-managed or self-managed choice for your affiliate relationships.


At the #3 spot, Chicago-based ShareASale has over 2,600 merchant programs and includes brands like PS Print and HootSuite.

ShareASale has gotten good ratings and the ethics, reputation, security, and customer service received gleaming reviews.

Amazon Associates

In 4th place with a reporting system that far exceeds other huge networks, Amazon Associates is one of the biggest and most diverse affiliate programs out there. available.

As most folks know, provides a vast array of products that there’s always something to satisfy your needs. In fact, they provide over two million products from which you can pick to monetize your blog or website. It is a pay-per-sale affiliate program.

How to Grow Your Online Business? Try Affiliate Marketing and Blogging!

How to Grow Your Online Business? Try Affiliate Marketing and Blogging!

Affiliate Marketing Pyramid Showing Emailing Blogging Advertisements And PPC

There are several methods to market and build your internet company. Two of the most popular ways are through using affiliate marketing and blog sites. With these two points, you can make your web business a success.

Online business is about obtaining people to your site. Among the very best ways to get people to your site is to get your internet site on the search engines. It is inadequate, however, to simply be listed; you need to be near the top.

When people use online search engines, they hardly ever pass by the initial couple of pages and most often, they will go to the websites provided on just the very first page. To get site visitors from a search engine, you need to get your internet site near the top of the results list.

One great way to do this is add a blog to your website. A blog offers a couple of goals. It will certainly include material about your web site, and it also will act as a place where your customers could obtain information. Your blog will boost your internet search engine position, because you will have a more abundant website, which search engines like. Your consumers will certainly enjoy seeing that you know your stuff, which will make them more positive concerning purchasing from your business.

Affiliate advertising can assist you due to the fact that you are collaborating with a larger company that has numerous sources you could utilize. You will certainly be able to gain from the brand acknowledgment of their products, and you will likely have access to several tools through them that you could utilize for more information about internet marketing.

Utilizing affiliate marketing and blogs in your internet company is a good idea. You will certainly see a wonderful increase in sales, and you will most likely see success.