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Top New Affiliate Marketing Trends (Part I)

Will e-commerce hold the crown? 

2018 was a crazy ride called “Think Fast! Innovate Faster! There were numerous regulations and data privacy policy changes that made the industry evolve.

We all want to know if e-commerce will hold the crown in 2019 or there’s something even better coming. The answer is yes. 

Native Ads and Push Notifications ads are geared to rule in the coming years.


Native advertising has been efficient for affiliate marketers in the past and will stay a vital asset. We should expect some enhancements on the tech side and better opportunities for ad targeting. Native ads let you get to your target audience on many websites and find the users that can’t get to on social media or other types of advertising. But at the same time, moderation will get harder. Only top-quality, unique content for certain audiences will deliver results.


Push notifications are a straightforward format, right for new affiliates with small budgets. Despite the drop in traffic quality and the rise in price, push notification will still be one of the top formats.

It’s really effective for those who have created their own databases and are geared to deliver the most relevant offers and content to their specific audience. It is a very good trending format, but big competition and possible regulation will possibly limit its efficiency in the near future.

Regardless of the case right now is the best time for push ads. You’re better off getting on board this train, than risk missing it.

Offer Verticals

Evergreen verticals such as gambling, dating, sweepstakes, Nutra, and finance are still going to be here. But affiliates must be more creative in building up their funnels. Just be sure you stand out from the rest.

Lead Generation with Email Funnels

It’s getting more and more difficult for affiliates to compete with advertising a single offer since CPC’s are increasing across the board.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part VI)

Puppies are cute, but their accidents are not. Live Pee Free helps get the pet urine smell out.

Live Pee Free Affiliate Program

Live Pee Free is a product that each pet owner needs: something to eliminate the smell of urine.

Your pet may be a family member, but every now and again they’ll panic and pee somewhere they shouldn’t.

The problem is they can’t speak so they can’t tell you what occurred, but even if they could they’d most likely deny it. Meanwhile, you must stop your home from smelling like an alley. 

Live Pee Free eliminate these odors by releasing the power of thousands of positively charged ions on fabric, carpets and wooden surfaces. 

Apparently, this product is way more effective than any other pet odor remover on the market and even works on odors that have been there for some time.

This is a perfect bolt-on affiliate program for home décor sites, pet sits, property rental sites, etc.

Basically, any piece of content that talks about unwanted doggy odors can have a Live Pee Free affiliate link inserted into it.

You get paid commission for referred sales. 

Embark Affiliate Program

Embark is one of those affiliate programs people enjoy working with.

And it’s not because they have the top EPC or huge payouts.

It’s because their domain name is smart, their pet product is smart, and it taps into the present trend of home DNA testing.

Ryan and Adam Boyko, the owners of Embark, spent years traveling the world figuring out what makes dogs tick. What makes them different from each other and why do some dogs get diseases while others live healthy, long lives.

You can get a breed identification kit or a breed and health kit from Embark so you can pre-empt any health issue your dog may face in the future.

This program is a no-brainer for all pet-related sites.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part V)


Also, they have products geared right at regular pet owners who just want the best door, cage, or whelping box for their furry loved one. What sets them apart from other e-commerce stores is they have a high level of knowledge and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

They’re specialists that provide only the best quality products for pet owners and professionals alike, but at costs that are the lowest, they can charge.

You get free shipping on some orders, individualized customer service, and you can even split your bill into interest-free payments. And they do ship overseas.

A commission rate may seem low, but a usual dog grooming table sells for around $900, so you’d net a solid commission from just one of those.

Whistle Affiliate Program helps owners keep track of their furry explorers.

Whistle Affiliate Program

Whistle produces GPS trackers for dogs that also include built-in health monitoring features.

Many pet owners invest in GPS trackers in case their pet gets stolen. Though, they can also aid you in finding the escape artists who consistently discover a way out of your yard.

What makes the Whistle GO tracker unique?

It does all the above, as well as let you monitor your pet’s health, like letting you know of excessive scratching or licking. Or even if your puppy or elderly dog isn’t sleeping as well as they have to be.

The Whistle Explore rises things up a notch with waterproof casing, 20-day battery life, and a night light for good measure. 

The only true downside to this product is that you also have to pay a monthly subscription to link your dog’s GPS tracker to the cellular network.

Every referred sale is worth a good commission to you and Whistle offers you a range of optimized creatives links or ads to use on your social platform or site.

Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part IV)

Pet Care Supplies focuses on oral hygiene for your pet.

Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program

Pet Care Supplies are a model of how you monetize a sub-niche.

Instead of trying to sell practically all you could want for a pet, they instead focus on dog and pet health products. 

Your pet is going to require regular, and typically pricey, treatment for ticks, fleas, and other issues.

Several of these can be given at home, so Pet Care Supplies will deliver what you want to your front door for a lot less than you may pay locally. 

Because unless your dog gets employed, you’re going to have to pay their bills. 

They stock all the typical brands such as Frontline, Advantage, and Capstar, and a full range of pet shampoos, flea drops, tick collars, as well as products for pet oral and oral hygiene.

Pet health products are pricey, which is why this business has an average order value of over $120 and you get a commission of that.

Paw.Com Affiliate Program

Dog beds are really a dime a dozen when you go shopping for one.

But dog beds are quite different.

They’re crafted to not only be comfortable but stylish as well, blending right in with your décor.

Since they resemble a throw rug, they’re really super comfy. Doggies love them.

 Probably since they feel great and they look natural. They’re crafted with memory foam.

These beds have replaceable covers, are odor resistant, great for a new puppy, and come with a 10-year “won’t flatten guarantee. 

Injured and older dogs will especially love how much relief a bed brings them. The snoring is a true tell-tale sign.

Pet Pro Supply Co. Affiliate Program

Pro Supply Co is a tad different since their target audience is professionals such as vets, dog trainers, and groomers.

Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part II)

Petco has been in business for a long time. 

Petco Supplies Affiliate Program

Petco has been serving customers in Mexico, America, and Puerto Rico since the 60s. 

They have over 1,400 physical locations as well as a major online presence but operated a tremendous mail-order business in the decades before the web was a thing.

You can find all the food, bedding, and accessories you desire for your cat, dog, bird, fish or reptile in their online store.

Also, they provide veterinary care, dog grooming, dog obedience classes, pet sitting, and even in-store adoption events.

Brain Training for Dogs Affiliate Program

Brain Training 4 Dogs is perfect for those of you who truly want a well-behaved dog and your present furry pet isn’t one. That can lead to aggravation for both the dog and owner and nobody is having fun.

This video training course is the creation of Adrienne Farricelli, a certified and professional dog trainer.

It works on the idea of what is called neuroplasticity, or truly the medical reason why old dogs truly can learn new tricks.

And the best part is the whole training program is based on having your dog play new games.

So, there’s no force involved with any of your interactions with your dog.

Their affiliate program is run via ClickBank and pays a nice commission. So, each new customer you send their way will net you a nice amount per product sale.

Ollie Affiliate Program

Pet parents are almost as crazy about their dogs as their dogs are about their grub. This is something the team at Ollie knows.

However, when was the last time you glanced at the ingredients in the dog food you purchase?

A lot of these foods have fillers like ash in them. That’s in addition to the fact that the meat in them is not fit for humans to eat. 

That’s not the sort of dog food you want to feed your furry best friend, is it?

Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part I)



In this blog article, we look at the pet niche and profitable pet affiliate programs for you to endorse.

The top niches are the ones where you have that excellent combination of evergreen appeal and raving fans. These niches have both qualities. 

Pet lovers will spend practically any amount of money to keep their furry companion comfortable, happy, and well-fed.

To put some numbers to this, pet owners in the U.S. alone spent over $73 billion dollars on their furry friends.

$30 billion of that was on pet food while another $15 billion was spent on medicines and accessories. This denotes you can make plenty in commissions in this niche.

Also, there’s a growing demand for pet supplies like collars, food, leashes, medicine, and bedding. 

But, there are a few new product lines appearing like CBD oils and dog GPS trackers.

Zooplus UK Affiliate Program

Pet’s Plus has tons of products for all kinds of animals including guinea pigs.

Zooplus is part of European affiliate marketing. 

The company has been in business since 1999, so they appear to be one of the handfuls of top brands that survived the Dotcom Bust.

They have over 7,000 products ready to ship to their customers around Europe for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and a host of other pets such as rats, mice, hamsters, and Guinea pigs. This includes a whole range of food, accessories and medical treatments.

Every one of these products comes with customer reviews. Also, customers can even submit photos to show their pets with their new toy, pet food, or bed.

You can sign up for the Zooplus affiliate program via Commission Junction, where they have a network earnings’ score of 4/5. In simple English, this means they write a vast amount of affiliate checks. 

Commission rates are low at 2%. However, a good affiliate can make up for that with a ton of sales.


Promoting Affiliate Links Without a Website (Part II)

You can advertise on social media.

Social Media

If you’ve got games on social, you might leverage your influence by endorsing services or products that are of relevance to your fans and followers. Be it on any form of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest, you can most definitely make money from affiliate links without having a website.

Be sure to disclose that you might be getting paid. The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of these sponsored posts. 

If you are reading this as a brand who desires to leverage other people’s social media clout, find out how to unite with niche influencers here.

Paid Advertising

If the affiliate program’s rules let it be, paid advertising can be another solid way to benefit from affiliate marketing without having a website of your own.

From paid search ads on search engines, linking this right to the company’s website through your affiliate link, to paid ads on social media, there are lots of opportunities to think about.

Video Marketing

Being the marketing method that’s second-to-none in retention rates if done right, videos are a no-brainer. You don’t have to have a website to run a YouTube channel. You might always include affiliate links under the video itself. Several top affiliates use this approach quite successfully.

Offline Efforts

There are numerous ways you can monetize your offline efforts with affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing offers a host of great technologies to connect the online-offline gap, supporting more intricate marketing arrangements. One instance would be using a distinct coupon code in a local newspaper. 

The code will be linked to your affiliate account and work as a trackable link. Another instance would be using a distinct toll-free phone number (via a pay-per-call performance marketing program) and putting it into your audio content, be it a radio commercial or podcast.

Promoting Affiliate Links Without a Website (Part I)

No website? No problem, you can still be an affiliate marketer.

Can one be an affiliate without a website? If yes, how can website-less affiliate marketing be done?

This famous question is answered in this article. You will not only have the answer to the question, but also plenty of examples to get your creative juices going.

One of the most frequently asked questions about this sector is whether one can “do” affiliate marketing without a website.

The answer is yes.

While you might be wondering if it’s possible to be an affiliate marketer without a website, there are critical things before the specific scenarios of how you can be one.

Since numerous affiliate program managers will want to look at an online place that shows how you will advertise their business, having a one-page website is always better than having nothing.

Second, before you spend your effort, time, and possibly money on marketing a service, brand, or product, always review the respective affiliate program’s rules and policies. Better find out that something is a no-no before you’ve invested your money and energy doing an unwanted activity.

Now, let’s go over the ways in which you can make money with affiliate marketing relationships without a website. 

Email Marketing

Regardless of if you have a small list of friends and family’s email addresses or have a full-blown opt-in email list of a targeted audience(s) — organized by verticals, interests, or specific demographic data — email marketing can be powerful when married with affiliate marketing.

Here’s an example: each Q4, right at the start of it, your daughter’s school sends out an email to parents, encouraging them to shop for gifts at a couple of online stores. They are being transparent by saying that a part of every order will be automatically credited to the school’s account and used for the improvement of your kids’ school experience. They don’t do this through their website but are a real email affiliate.

What to Do Before Posting Affiliate Links on Your Website (Part IV)

Take time to think about what’s best for your blog and the types of affiliate links you want in your posts.

Learn from Top Affiliate Marketers

Before starting, it doesn’t hurt to do some research on how top affiliate marketers have been prosperous. Affiliate marketing such as Ian Cleary, Rae Hoffman, Zac Johnson, and Pat Flynn provide a wealth of resources based on their experience. Learning from marketers like them might help you avoid pricey mistakes.

It’s crucial to think about the whole picture when it comes to affiliate marketing. At times that means turning down money-making opportunities that aren’t a fit for your audience. Though, if you’re endorsing a product that resolves an issue that you’ve actually used and can recommend, it can be a win-win for both you and your readers. Continuing to suggest quality products to your readers can lead to a more profitable and sustainable long-term business.

Add Link Disclosures Throughout Your Website

In short, link disclosures are statements on your website that let readers know of the presence of affiliate links. These are legally compelled by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as they guarantee fair business practices.

By adding link disclosures to your website, you give total transparency to your readers. This is vital for building trust, and it’s also critical if you want to avoid legal ramifications. To be sure you use them effectively, you must be sure to place them prominently. This could be at the top of blog posts and within the text itself. For instance, you can put an asterisk next to the link and repeat the disclosure at the end of the post.

Also, you must use direct and clear language. This includes using trigger words, like commission and compensation, keeping the disclosure short and to the point. Be sure you’re proactive in disclosing by including them on every page that affiliate links appear and stating any other instances of payment, like paid reviews and sponsored posts.

What to Do Before Posting Affiliate Links on Your Website (Part III)


Are You Wanting to Cloak Your Links?

Link cloaking just means you are making URLs that redirect to your affiliate link.

There was recently an excellent post written that covers all you must know about cloaking affiliate links. Here are a few reasons it’s worth doing:

  • Track clicks for easy comparisons to your affiliate’s reports.
  • Create a noteworthy, short URL for your links.
  • Stop other affiliate marketers from changing out your affiliate ID with theirs.
  • Revise a single redirect if you change networks.
  • Cloak all product links to easily add an affiliate later on.

Make your site more technically distinct than the over 3,000 affiliates using the same data feed, if you’re overseeing an affiliate data feed website.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Google suggests bloggers use the rel=”no follow” attribute for both paid affiliate links and free product review links.

Your affiliate links need to be in the right place in your blog posts.

Where Should You Put Your Affiliate Links?

There’s plenty more to affiliate marketing than just dropping links all in your content and hoping that’s enough to make a sale.

Pro recommends a host of spots where affiliate links might be appropriate:

  • An Extension Page
  • Sidebar Ads
  • Within blog posts
  • Within digital products
  • Within physical products or while talking live

It’s worth testing to see what resonates with your readers and works best for your blog. Then change your strategy accordingly.

Prioritize Your Website’s On-Page SEO

Is your website as user-friendly and search engine friendly as possible?

Continuing to entice new visitors is imperative if you want to be a good affiliate marketer, and better on-page SEO is vital to your website’s visibility in search. Don’t let technical SEO issues stifle your organic traffic growth. A professional site-auditor can help you identify which problems are most pressing, and regular crawls stop nasty surprises by warning you to critical problems often and early.