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How to Create a Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages. If you’re feeling lost in a web of marketing jargon, here’s information to save you and to set the record straight. A squeeze page is a sort of landing page that is focused on squeezing an email address (or name) out of a website visitor.

Landing pages are single webpages that are primarily focused on one goal called conversion. This objective could be any number of various actions including download an eBook, sign up for a free trial, register for a webinar, and more.

Squeeze pages are a little different. They have one aim: collect a name and email address. That’s all.

All squeeze pages are landing pages, though all landing pages are squeeze pages.

Steps to create a squeeze page

You have to have a domain and web hosting to create a squeeze page. If you have a website or blog, you can use the same for creating a squeeze page. Get information and buy a domain name and hosting so that you can go ahead and create a squeeze page.

You need to buy an email marketing service from a dependable company.

Buy a squeeze page builder so you can create a squeeze page quickly. Instapage allows you to build any type of marketing page including a squeeze page with its easy-to-use builder. You don’t have to do any designing or coding.

Ebooks can be useful in selling your affiliate product. 

Create a freebie. This freebie will be used to get email addresses. You can write a report or an e-book that presells the affiliate product and at the same time, it should be very valuable. For instance, if you are endorsing a stuffed toy, you can write an e-book on “Five things that will extend the life of stuffed toys.” Embed the e-book with your affiliate links and make it interesting.

You can hire a freelancer, you can write it from scratch, or you can use a PLR e-book. The choice is yours.


Key Affiliate Marketing Trends (Part II)

Transparency is on the move

In recent years, many high-profile brands like the Kardashians and Warner Brothers, have come under fire for failing to reveal paid advertisements. Along with this improved focus from the FTC comes the new regulations, making sure affiliate marketers will be more aware of transparency and compliance than ever before.

If you are interested in what the latest key affiliate marketing trends are, read on.

All revolves around the customer

It’s nothing new that the industry is going forward with mobile as there was over 50% increase in mobile purchases last year. The true focus currently is how to link mobile with the remainder of the customer’s journey, so advertisers can better know their consumers and re-engage, if necessary. There’s nothing worse than wasting re-targeting struggles.

Enhance reporting is going to uplevel everyone

Along with better measurement among devices comes better reporting. Publishers are requiring admission to real-time data and many partners (like Amazon) are beginning to heed their wishes.

Affiliate marketers are leveraging topnotch technology

Instead of constructing from the bottom up, many networks are leveraging technology that exists already then building on top of it to tailor their systems. This happens all the time with HasOffers. For instance, Kiip, a mobile advertising network with well-known clients like Coke, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Pepsi, BMW, and Wrigley, chose to build on top of HasOffers instead of beginning from scratch. They determined after talking with the HasOffers team, it was crystal clear that they could depend on what was already there and let their engineers focus on creating something special and unique that was truly theirs.

Affiliate marketing is still prospering. It can be expect that from now on, every year will be complete with changes as the whole industry grow more intelligent, more strategic, and most importantly, unites when it comes to transparency.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associates started in 1996 and is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs.

The program has a more than 12-year track record of creating resolutions to help website owners, Web developers and Amazon sellers earn cash by advertising millions of used and new products from Amazon and its affiliates, like SmallParts and Endless. When bloggers and website owners who are associates create links and customers click through those links and purchase products from Amazon, they get referral fees. It’s easy to use and free to join.

Provide customers the accessibility of referring them to a trusted site where they can quickly buy the products you advertise on your site. And when they do, you can get as much as 10% in referral fees.

Use the numerous Amazon retail promotions and newly created advertising qualities to earn referrals and drive traffic.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income if you have a website or blog. Read on to see how you can make money with the Amazon Associates.

Begin a Website/Blog

Begin a website or blog. The best Amazon affiliates are websites or blogs that put links to Amazon and good content on their own site. You can start with WordPress, Blogger, or one of the many other free sites. Since its free, the only real cost is the time spend creating content and designing.

Pick something of which you are enthusiastic about so that you can write interesting content and form a long line of followers.

Post quality content

You get readers by your content value. So, at least once a week, post to your blog or website.

Get loyalty 

Folks who think they’re being sales pitched are not likely to return. Include affiliate links as suggestions, best of lists, instead of an apparent pitch to make money.

Biggest Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

When I first began in affiliate marketing, all I desired to do was to just make money. I went off in all directions, tried everything, with no true idea of the errors I was making that could very well disturb my chances at lifelong success.

Through my years of experience with teaching and being a part of affiliate marketing, I have come to the conclusion that there are some mistakes people new to the biz make.

1) Selling Rather Than Helping

Yes, marketing is a part of affiliate marketing. But for the most part, our task as an affiliate is not to sell, but to lead and guide others to a product.

When I first began, my big impulse was to fill my pages with words and links that shouted, “Buy Now!”   None of it helped anyone know why they should buy the product. I only wanted folks to click the link so I could hopefully get a commission.

2) Too Many!

This is another real mistake I made when beginning. I joined every affiliate program I saw. While I truly believe in promoting several means of income when working online, there’s a time when you have too much to deal with and it becomes uncontrollable.

Choose your affiliate programs intelligently and don’t overload yourself.

3) Not Testing

When I pick to endorse a product, I think like a potential customer and choose to test the vendor’s follow up service.

Nothing irks someone than having their inbox blown up.

4) Not Tracking

This was a BIG mistake I made when I first began. I started my affiliate marketing career using free-to-create web pages.

I was fond of endorsing Amazon products on these pages. However, I would forget to use specific tracking affiliate links on every page.

The mistake here is this: when you make a sale, you should know where it came from. This is the way to know which pages are making you a profit.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy


When you setup your affiliate marketing business, do not grow content with what you have. Don’t be stagnant, look everywhere for tips that will help your affiliate  market  grow. Learn new ideas and use them. Make them work for you. The contents in this article can assist you in improving your affiliate marketing business.

Be choosy when finding an affiliate program. Don’t pick one because it’s larger and ignore smaller businesses, for they may have excellent revenue programs. If you don’t like one financial arrangement, then find a financial arrangement  that will fit in with your goals.

To protect your reputation as an affiliate marketer, and remember to only promote quality products on your website. Viewers will spread word of the quality products all across the internet. By the same token, should you choose your products poorly, your reputation will be shot.

If things are not going as they should, find exactly what items on your page are driving visitors away, and which are attracting consumers to click on your affiliates link. Use this information to remake your page much more interesting.

When you want to appear more professional, show everyone you’ve done your research by including tables and charts. This will help your website appear more elegant and professional and shows you are honest. This will peak interest in your web page and help move more products.
With affiliate links, let consumers know that you are knowledgeable on the product you are promoting.  Say your web page is on gardening. Let your visitors know you are the one to come to regarding types of flowers or veggies, what fertilizer to use, or not. Show them how beautiful your flowers are by posting pictures on your web page.

To join the affiliate marketing business, use strategies that will assure your business will flourish, such as creating your own web page. Give your business serious thought and be committed. Set your goals within reach, along with the tools you’ve acquired, have excellent content and you should be ready to take the affiliate marketing business by storm.

If you want visitors to remain with your site, be sure the content is legitimate, is easy to understand and not full of “fluff” items. No likes to waste time  sorting through a rambling dialogue. The visitors will not stay and click on any links.

Remember all you just learned, use it to boost  your skills at affiliate marketing and attaining your goals. You can share this newfound knowledge with others who will gain from it. The old saying, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, can work well here, in the long haul.




The Right Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Pyramid Showing Emailing Blogging Advertisements And PPC

Affiliate Marketing Pyramid Showing Emailing Blogging Advertisements And PPC

The Right Affiliate Marketing Strategy

To begin a new business called Affiliate Marketing, you’ll have dozens of questions, and feel totally confused about how to even start your  own affiliate marketing business. The following tips can help overcome your confusion, and lead you to success in affiliate marketing.

To increase sales and profits your affiliates can provide for you, have extremely good marketing support.

Support our affiliates by supplying banners for advertising. Include also, basically a product profile that includes images of product, reviews the affiliates can include in their spiels for sales and to lend a hand in helping the affiliates to create unique ways to market your product. If each support tool save a few hours for one  , then it can rebound all your affiliates. The time saved can be used to generate more sales and be more effective.

Affiliate marketing is very simply a commission based referral business. As an affiliate marketer, for product you successfully market, you get a percentage of the cost. Don’t be like a lot of people who plays around with affiliate marketing and give up. Keep an eye on your statistics, see what is or is not working for you and make adjustments. Use your knowledge you have gained, apply it and watch the profits roll in.

In doing business with the proper company, they should supply you with resources to generate visitors to your site, take an interest in your affiliate’s growth and help solve any problems that may pop up.

Make sure you stay up to date and update your program. Add new tools and advertisement to increase the appearance and ease of using the site. When your site stays current and up to date readers will flock to you site, and consumers returning to it.

Enhance your reputation by being honest and forthright about your affiliation. Customers and visitors appreciate honesty, and will use links. They may go to your affiliate to buy if the discern you aren’t being straightforward. Insure your business with truth.

An excellent idea is to request of the company you’re in business with an extraordinary landing page. Try to make a connection with each and every consumer. Your viewers enjoy the personal touch with an extraordinary landing page.

With all the resources available, affiliate marketing can be overwhelming and can intimidate  you if you never tried it before. Use the aforementioned strategies to get organized and create an unique affiliate market. Celebrate the successes, learn from disappointments, and create your own affiliate market!