Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part VI)

Puppies are cute, but their accidents are not. Live Pee Free helps get the pet urine smell out.

Live Pee Free Affiliate Program

Live Pee Free is a product that each pet owner needs: something to eliminate the smell of urine.

Your pet may be a family member, but every now and again they’ll panic and pee somewhere they shouldn’t.

The problem is they can’t speak so they can’t tell you what occurred, but even if they could they’d most likely deny it. Meanwhile, you must stop your home from smelling like an alley. 

Live Pee Free eliminate these odors by releasing the power of thousands of positively charged ions on fabric, carpets and wooden surfaces. 

Apparently, this product is way more effective than any other pet odor remover on the market and even works on odors that have been there for some time.

This is a perfect bolt-on affiliate program for home décor sites, pet sits, property rental sites, etc.

Basically, any piece of content that talks about unwanted doggy odors can have a Live Pee Free affiliate link inserted into it.

You get paid commission for referred sales. 

Embark Affiliate Program

Embark is one of those affiliate programs people enjoy working with.

And it’s not because they have the top EPC or huge payouts.

It’s because their domain name is smart, their pet product is smart, and it taps into the present trend of home DNA testing.

Ryan and Adam Boyko, the owners of Embark, spent years traveling the world figuring out what makes dogs tick. What makes them different from each other and why do some dogs get diseases while others live healthy, long lives.

You can get a breed identification kit or a breed and health kit from Embark so you can pre-empt any health issue your dog may face in the future.

This program is a no-brainer for all pet-related sites.