Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part V)


Also, they have products geared right at regular pet owners who just want the best door, cage, or whelping box for their furry loved one. What sets them apart from other e-commerce stores is they have a high level of knowledge and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

They’re specialists that provide only the best quality products for pet owners and professionals alike, but at costs that are the lowest, they can charge.

You get free shipping on some orders, individualized customer service, and you can even split your bill into interest-free payments. And they do ship overseas.

A commission rate may seem low, but a usual dog grooming table sells for around $900, so you’d net a solid commission from just one of those.

Whistle Affiliate Program helps owners keep track of their furry explorers.

Whistle Affiliate Program

Whistle produces GPS trackers for dogs that also include built-in health monitoring features.

Many pet owners invest in GPS trackers in case their pet gets stolen. Though, they can also aid you in finding the escape artists who consistently discover a way out of your yard.

What makes the Whistle GO tracker unique?

It does all the above, as well as let you monitor your pet’s health, like letting you know of excessive scratching or licking. Or even if your puppy or elderly dog isn’t sleeping as well as they have to be.

The Whistle Explore rises things up a notch with waterproof casing, 20-day battery life, and a night light for good measure. 

The only true downside to this product is that you also have to pay a monthly subscription to link your dog’s GPS tracker to the cellular network.

Every referred sale is worth a good commission to you and Whistle offers you a range of optimized creatives links or ads to use on your social platform or site.