Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part IV)

Pet Care Supplies focuses on oral hygiene for your pet.

Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program

Pet Care Supplies are a model of how you monetize a sub-niche.

Instead of trying to sell practically all you could want for a pet, they instead focus on dog and pet health products. 

Your pet is going to require regular, and typically pricey, treatment for ticks, fleas, and other issues.

Several of these can be given at home, so Pet Care Supplies will deliver what you want to your front door for a lot less than you may pay locally. 

Because unless your dog gets employed, you’re going to have to pay their bills. 

They stock all the typical brands such as Frontline, Advantage, and Capstar, and a full range of pet shampoos, flea drops, tick collars, as well as products for pet oral and oral hygiene.

Pet health products are pricey, which is why this business has an average order value of over $120 and you get a commission of that.

Paw.Com Affiliate Program

Dog beds are really a dime a dozen when you go shopping for one.

But dog beds are quite different.

They’re crafted to not only be comfortable but stylish as well, blending right in with your décor.

Since they resemble a throw rug, they’re really super comfy. Doggies love them.

 Probably since they feel great and they look natural. They’re crafted with memory foam.

These beds have replaceable covers, are odor resistant, great for a new puppy, and come with a 10-year “won’t flatten guarantee. 

Injured and older dogs will especially love how much relief a bed brings them. The snoring is a true tell-tale sign.

Pet Pro Supply Co. Affiliate Program

Pro Supply Co is a tad different since their target audience is professionals such as vets, dog trainers, and groomers.