Best Pet Affiliate Programs (Part III)


Ollie dog food, on the other hand, is created from human-grade meats.

What makes them very special though is every meal is tailored to your dog’s age, breed, and activity level. And the final product is delivered to your front door.

Holista Pet promotes CBD products for animals. 

Holista Pet Affiliate Program

CBD products are currently big business and the market for cannabidiol-based health products for pets is buoyant as well.

Holista Pet has gotten into this market, selling a host of CBD-infused treats, edibles, and ingestible oils for cats, dogs, and horses.

They use a C02 extraction process to make sure that their products are free from any heavy metals, solvents, or another crud that may harm your furry companion.

The selling point here is that you can use these items to treat your pet’s health issues without the possibility of side effects that are so common with standard medication.

There are over 60 million pet owners in the U.S., so you have a vast market to work with and the commissions in the CBD market are plenty.

FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program

The fact remains that dog and pet beds are something each pet owner is happy to spend any amount of money on.

And the folks at FurHaven is more than pleased to sell them some of the most lavish dog beds currently available.

Also, they have orthopedic beds for those four-legged furry friends with sore legs and frosted snouts.

Affiliates are paid a commission of the total value of each sale they make. FurHaven has over a 9% conversion rate, so basically 1-in-10 of your visitors will convert to a sale worth that provides a commission to you.

Though, they are at the lower end of the scale. Some of their pet beds cost over $200 which would result in a higher payout.