Best Dog Products that Dog Bloggers Can Promote (Part II)


Eco-Friendly Poop Bags (Commission Based)

Plastic is one of the highest generate waste in the U.S. Typical pet waste bags are made of plastic. And yes, shame on you if you’re one of those contributing to plastic waste.

Make it right today and begin using eco-friendly bags from PoopBags. They are either made from recycled material, plants or USDA Certified Biobased material. These poop bags are decomposable and friendly to the earth.

Register now to be an affiliate of PoopBags. You can begin earning a commission each time you manage to introduce a sale.

Doggie Water for (Commission Based)

We’ve all had sluggish days as well as days when your body doesn’t feel its best. So, what do you do? Get yourself some supplements and vitamins then you feel as fit as a fiddle again.

Now, what about your doggie? Your dog has those days as well. 

But she or he can’t really say to you “hey, I don’t feel like woofing about today – do something or go away.” Save your dog from bad days and get DoggieWater which is filled with electrolytes and vitamins best made to keep your dog hydrated and happy.

Available in flavored or plain easy to carry packs, you can get a 4-pack too.

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Give your blog reader’s pets a touch of class.

Designer Dog Wear (Commission Based)

You know, looking fabulous is not just for humans. As a matter of fact, some pests have to keep up appearances as well. Think about the black-tie events that call for your furry loved one to be on point and there’s always that grand stroll in the park that necessitates a touch of class.

Understand what I mean? Designer Dog Wears, love.