Best Dog Products that Dog Bloggers Can Promote (Part I)


If you have a soft spot for puppies and doggies, then this article about pet-related affiliate programs is the one for you. Many of you happen to be dog bloggers, dog lovers, and even Instagram dog influencers. So, it is only fitting to make a special guide all about dogs, just for you the dog-loving individuals. Without further delay, below are the best dog products that dog bloggers can promote:

Honey is good for dogs

Raw Honey for Dogs (Commission Based)

Do you realize that dogs can get the same benefits from honey as human beings? Honey will really calm your dog’s digestive system, giving it a natural energy boost, enhancing its immune system and more. So, why don’t you give your doggie doses of honey goodness from K9 Honey?

Created from raw honey, this all-natural product is a food topper and tasty treat for your pet.  So, make your furry loved one healthy and happy with K9 Honey.

This top dog product can earn affiliates a commission of about 10% on sales. 

Dog Vehicle Step (Commission Based)

If you frequently travel with your dog in your car, SUV, RV, or any other type of vehicle, you need an Otto Step. This step adapter device connects to your vehicle and offers your dog an extra step to assist in climbing out and into your car easier. Also, it helps stop injuries created by jumping out of trucks and high SUVs.

So, if you care and love for your pet, you’ll want to have the right measures in place to keep it healthy, safe, and happy.

This is a very popular product for dog owners who travel and ride often with their friendly furry companions. Get a substantial 30% commission just for endorsing the Otto Step as an affiliate marketer.