Affiliates Love Big Junk and They Cannot Lie

junk removal Cypress


Readers of our blog are often amazed by all the different industries that work with affiliate members. Even I was surprised by my latest inquiry for junk removal Cypress companies.

Believe it or not, there’s a ton of money to be made hauling away stuff people don’t want anymore. Everything from old mattresses to cars that won’t start up is fair game.

When dedicated removal companies get too bogged down by orders, they scramble for someone to lend a helping hand. If you’ve wanted to become an affiliate but haven’t found your niche, junk removal may be the ticket.

Junk Car Affiliates

Junk cars are a problem that plagues more neighborhoods throughout the country. However, car towing services and local landfills aren’t the best for disposing of them either.

If you have some form of towing truck, you may want to check in with local junk car removal companies. By offering fair trade values, usually around $1,000 or less, you have yourself a set of replacement parts to sell individually or in bulk.

Personal Storage Junkcypress junk hauling

Did you know that after a certain period, storage rental units are auctioned off? The company needs the space for future rentals, but they have to get rid of the stuff first.

Inquire around town about providing your moving services to those who attend the auctions. For a small fee, you can help the new owners and the storage facility in one fell swoop.

Real Estate Clean Outs

When a home goes to foreclosure, it’s often not left in the best shape. Banks need the abandoned items removed before they can clean, repair, and market the home.

Although most banks already have a dedicated clean out service, not all of these professionals have a junk exit plan. By working with those servicing the banks, you can remain their affiliate junk hauler.

Reuse Landscape Trailers

If you operate a business that already uses a small hauling trailer, like a landscape unit, you may get more out of it on the side. By offering part-time junk removal services, you can easily haul away anything that fits in your trailer.

You must make sure that you are following all local disposal laws and policies. You won’t keep much of the profit if you’re always paying out disposal fines.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

There are numerous types of personal item moving and junk and scraping businesses out there. Why do you want to start a competing company just for side work?

Instead, contact a local junk removal service and ask if they allow affiliates to work for them. Although many are often small family-owned businesses, your larger junk removal companies are always looking for extra help.