Affiliate Marketing Networks

Time To Join An Affiliate Marketing Network?


Such a wide variety of products and services are listed online, that one website can not display everything. Enter affiliate marketing, the answer to merchants and advertisers needs. For a set cost, affiliate sites will post ads. This presents affiliates with the opportunity generate online income.

The best way to learn, is to join  affiliate marketing  network. This helps the advertisers and the affiliate to reap income. Affiliate marketing cuts the mistakes you could make by  going into the affiliate market  basically blind. The advertisers benefits by getting a higher return, more  orders and leads, plus paying just for results.

It’s much easier to make money on line if you have an affiliate network in your corner.  Having  a single contact for all advertisers, the affiliate saves time and money by not going to individuals for payment. The affiliate network is extremely convenient, and offers help to it’s associates.

Growing Strong

From it’s inception, Affiliate Marketing,  has constantly grown along with the need of more leads and sales.  This growth will continue as more people realize the importance of using web sites. More Affiliate Networks will grow as more on line businesses ,and web sites, jump to increase their sales by joining.

With the dramatic increase of affiliate marketing , the increasing affiliate web sites showing interest, means more networks  will be in competition. The most popular marketing sectors are travelling, telecom, retail sales, finance , cell phones, and including  online gambling and gaming.

UK networks

In the UK, Affiliate Marketing has be growing more and more popular.  The UK has numerous affiliate markets, but who should you ask to join and who are the top networks?

A report from econsultancy list the following as the major affiliate marketing networks:

On line Media


advertising .com.

paid on



affiliate marketing,clash






There is a fierce competition between these marketing net works for affiliates and merchants. Regardless, the affiliate market gets a overide fee on sales, so play it safe and have more affiliates and merchants in your network. depending on the net work, the usual over ride fee is 30%. No matter if you are an affiliate or merchant, no matter what network you’ve chosen, if you set things up right, you will get a lion’s share of sales.